Friday, August 7, 2015

Underwater Beauty

We had an amazing first full day! We sent Jamie to Wal-Mart and well that took up most of the day. It was super crowded. I hated it for him.  Even though he was at the store, it did not stop me and the little one from having a good time. ;-) 

We swam and played in pool a good bit.
 After lunch we hit the beach! 

After we played a while, Sophie Clare wanted to go into some shops. So we got ready and off we went. 

We ate at the Live Bait, which is one of our faves. 
We never have to wait and the food is always good. 

Silly.........just plain silly. 

We had alligator for an appetizer and Sophie Clare LOVED it. 

I just had popcorn shrimp. 

After dinner, we went down to The Wharf. 

She loves looking at all the boats. 

Face Painting time!! 
She used to would never get her face painted but now loves it. 

She was very pleased with it. ;-) 

 Super cute!
 I loved it and she did too! 

Just look at those lips!!  

The water was so pretty. 
We went for a walk and did a little people watching. 
That is one thing Sophie Clare is really good at. haha 

Beach life it the best! 

That wraps up day 2. 

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