Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 2 Of School

 What a great 2nd week we had. 
We started to have a little homework and studying for spelling words. 
Thankfully it was not to bad and Sophie Clare did not mind doing it.  


Silliness is taking over already! 

We are learning new ways to fix her hair. It is time to get creative since we wear our hair up every day. I feel if I pull it in a pony tail every day that it will start breaking off. So I am really trying to switch it up. ;-) 

Plus she loves it like this. 

She had to do an All About Me page on Monday. She knew everything but what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her first choice is to be a stay at home mommy. Then all of the sudden the stress came. She said WHY DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE NOW??  haha  

Tuesday.......cute as can be! 
Plus, it is dippin dot day. 
She made sure that I did not for get the money! ;-) 
So glad she is going to eat them! 

Lunch, snack...........

and notes. 

Wednesday........She picked this outfit out. I just love the shorts. 
We are wearing as much pink as possible these days. 

My sweet girl on Thursday! 

She has had some allergies going on. 
We are doing our best to OIL IT UP with our OILS. 

We made it to Friday with a fun lunch! 

I do love you to the moon and back!! 
Whaahoooo it's Friday!! 

I am so thankful my girl is eating, talking a bit and loving school!! 

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