Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 3 Is In The Books

 Steeping into week 3 and still loving it. 

With all the talk of lice, we are wearing our hair up all the time. 
I spray her down with tea tree oil before she leaves!! 
 Stay away bugs!! 

When I drop her off and she is this happy........well it makes my heart happy! 

We are still eating and she is talking more each week. ;-) 

Last Tuesday, it was burr cold!  I loved it! 

Those lips own me!! 

Some afternoons, I have a car load and we love it!! 
We have lots of giggles in the Mag Mobile! ;-) 

She loves to kick it in her pink converse! 
Good thing we  have a lot of pink!! 

I had a meeting on Friday and it ended in time for me to see her at lunch! I said, can I just take you home with me?? She said. NO!  
So thankful she loves it and her sweet friends! 

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