Monday, October 19, 2015

The Lion King

My sweet girl before church. 
Pooh Bear-check
New Boots-check
Cuteness-double check

After church, we went to eat at our favorite Mexican place, Old Mexico. 
They are always providing a great photo op. 

Oh my you silly girl! We may have to stop taking your pic with the man. haha 

After we ate, we were going to see The Lion King.  My best friend Andrea, littles were in it. 

Sophie Clare is such a mess and is super excited! 

Back several years ago when I went to New York, I was able to see The Lion King and it was amazing! This brought back a great memory. 

The play was so cute and fun! 
Matia Grace did a fabulous job............ 

and so did Max! 

It was super fun watching them! 

Sophie Clare and Simba

I wanted to update my fb from Summer to Fall.
 We stopped in Attalla for a very quick photo shoot. 

Love my doll baby!! 

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