Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Bash 2015

Last Saturday, the 10th Noccalula Falls was having their Halloween Bash. We  thought it would be fun to take Sophie Clare. She did not want to dress up so we just went with a cute outfit. ;-)   It was super crowded and she did not want to play any of the games and that was ok. We just enjoyed the weather and walking around. 

Look at those sweet lips! 

She picked out those shoes with that not so adorbs. 

 You would think that we have never been to the Falls some days. She gets so excited over the little things. She was telling us here that this is where we write Santa letters at Christmas. 

My little queen of the world wanted to do the fat man squeeze and do some climbing. 

Me and daddy had to stay at the top to watch. 

Train ride selfie. 

When we were getting ready to go, she decided to paint a pumpkin. 

Then it was off to get Frios. 

Sophie Clare got key lime pie, Jamie got green apple and I got caramel apple.  
All 3 yummy! 

Such a fun day!  

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