Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Disney On Ice 2015

Disney on Ice was a reward trip for the AR program at school. 
AR is Accelerated Reading and they have to have set amount of points each 9 weeks and have 85% or above.  I was super proud of Sophie Clare for reading and taking test.  I was able to go with her and help with all the one that were able to go! ;-) 

Kolby, Sophie Clare and Gavin 

It was super cute and I enjoyed the show just as much at the kids did. 

After it was over, I was able to check Sophie Clare out and we went to Leed's to do a little shopping. 

She picked "Justin" out a pair of  track pants. haha 

Play time 

YAY!! For toy stores. 

On the way home, we got stuck in some traffic...........Sophie Clare can figure out how to entertain herself, that is for sure. 

It was a great day full of memories. 

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