Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dress up , Fun and Games

Wednesday night October the 28, our church had a night of fun planned for the kids.  Sophie Clare was a little unsure of being Minnie Mouse. She had would have been a werewolf  if it was up to her. UM NO SISTER!!  
Once she put it all on, she was in love. 
She loved wearing make up and twirling around. 
I think she was a doll baby!! 

Love this face! 

Sophie Clare LOVES IVY!! 
She calls her the funny girl! 

We love our Hadleigh! 

Braden the skeleton. 

And look at this cute LION!! 

And I could eat this little gum ball machine up! 

We had food, games and lots of candy!  

Our church is small and that is advantage when you don't want to wait in line 
or play over and over. ;-) 

Sophie Clare was super excited to see her friend Kynleigh from school. 

We had the best time and Sophie Clare LOVE IT! 
I am so thankful for my church!! 

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