Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Festival At School

Sophie Clare and I made a very small goody bag for her classmates at school. 
I thought the little print outs were super cute! 

This fall fest at school is the "BIG" thing. 
 Lots of games, bouncy's, petting zoo, poster contest, talent contest, costume contest, along with food and prizes.  It takes everyone's help to pull it off! 
PLUG...............Thank you to all that helped make it a success!! ;-) 

My little first grader entered the poster contest and won 3 place. I am sad that it is blurry but oh well. She was super excited. She did all the work by herself except for a little help on the hat.  
I was very proud of her! 

On top of Fall Fest, it was red ribbon week and it was hat day. Thankfully she did not wear it long. We are in need of a new one. 

Waiting on her doggy balloon. 

This guy took off work to help us for Fall Fest.  

Me and my girl! 

Face painting..............

Go Fish..................

It's always more fun with a friend! 

Bean Bag toss...........

Ring toss..........

Hair painting...........

Blue and green hair!
 Got to love it! 

More face painting by a football player. ;-) 

Sophie Clare LOVES Mrs. Blaker!! 

It was a super fun and busy day!
 Can't wait till next year!! 

After our busy day, we came in, got in our pj's and enjoyed some cake from the cake walk. 

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