Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting Her Ears Pierced

I have such a big girl!
 She is has been wanting her ears pierced for a while.  We would go look and talk about and she would back out. One time, she backed out because I told her she had to leave them in for 6 weeks and could not take them out. ha   Then on Tuesday the 24th my niece Gracie had hers done. I think that gave Sophie Clare the push she needed. After pictures on the 25, she wanted to go to the mall. All I wanted to do was go eat Mexican.  She won and off to the mall we went.  I asked her way she wanted to go to the mall and she said, 
To shop and get my ears pierced. 

Thankfully there were 2 people their so they could do it at the same time. 
She was so excited and happy. 

I on the other hand was just a little apprehensive about it.  Wondering if I was making the right choice letting her decide.  I know it's just ears but still. 

Hair is pulled back and ready to go. 

She was amazing and was such a big girl! 

No tears and she did awesome!! 

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