Friday, December 11, 2015

Sick Again, Relaxing, and Photo's

 When we got home from Nashville, Sophie Clare started running a fever again.   She complained about her throat hurting and and a belly ache.  It was off to the dr Monday morning.  
She was pitiful and I felt so sorry  her.  She ended up with strep again.
 By the afternoon she was feeling better. 

The next couple of days we just rested and hung  out at home. We had family pics on Wednesday and a birthday to celebrate that weekend. 

We have had the sweetest kitty just come up at our house. Sophie Clare loves and had named it Sidney. 

She seem to enjoy just being at home and playing. Seems like life is always busy or we are being interrupted for some reason or another. 

Here are some behind the scenes at the photo shoot. 

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