Monday, December 7, 2015

OpryLand Hotel

On Sunday, November 22, we were off to the Opryland Hotel.
  I was excited for Sophie Clare to see it!

We jumped aboard the big ole bus to take us across the street. 
She picked the seat right up front. 

 The entire place is just crawling with photo ops. 

She smiled.....

She climbed.....

And showed us everything. 

It was fun seeing all the different trees that were decorated. 

I told her the story of  me many years ago, that I climbed on this very tree to have my pic made. 

The only pic together and its blurry! 

 Those eyes look tired. Bless her.........that mono got her good. 

We had lunch inside and we ate pizza. 
It was yummy! 

Waiting in line for the boat ride. 
was the first time I had ever done it. 

Talking with Santa.

He named her new girl Elf, Jessica. 
Now that is pretty special. 

Someone was really tired and ready to go. 

Elfie and his girlfriend. haha 

Next up is the Nutcracker on Ice! 

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