Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nashville Bound

We have never traveled much with Sophie Clare except for the beach. So I thought it would be fun to plan a trip to Nashville to kick off Christmas and Sophie Clare's birthday week. 

After an hour of driving I finally got me some coffee!!

We have arrived and headed downtown first.

Sophie Clare was not so sure about Elvis at first but then got into it. 

Then she said, wait take one without my sunglasses. 

It was a beautiful day but the wind was crazy!!  I thought we were going to get blown away on our way up the hill. 

We went into the Johnny Cash store and Sophie Clare loved the penny machine, it was a highlight of the trip. 

 It's the little things. 

The bicycle bar came by and they were having a good time. Sophie Clare said I want to do that.  haha She loves to ride a bike.

We saw all we needed to so it was off to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe. 
Only to find out that it was an hour and half wait. 

We put our name in and we went to get a snack and ride the carousel.
  The mall was crazy!!
 I could not believe how many people were out shopping. 

Finally it was our turn to enjoy the atmosphere of the Rain Forest Cafe. 

Sophie Clare was up walking around a bit, checking out all the animals. Then all of the sudden it was time for the storm. Bless her, she jump and was not sure what was going on. Then she ended up loving it. 

She loved the talking tree. 

Then back to the hotel for a little swimming. 

We just ate at the restaurant in the hotel and it was really good.
 Sophie Clare and I both got BBQ and Jamie got a hamburger. 

Now to go back and get to sleep.
 A big busy day ahead! 

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