Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Fun In Hunstville

Saturday December 12, we headed out for some Christmas fun!  Thankfully Sophie Clare was feeling good, just a little tired. She had a spend the night party with my nieces at Gann Gann and Pops.  

On the way to Hunstville, I a few places I wanted to stop. 

First stop was The Front Porch in Albertville. 
Then by Bakers on Main, where Sophie Clare bought some glasses that you see behind you. haha 

Then it was off to Bridge Street. 

The deer were amazing! 

Sophie Clare has never been to a candy store so it was fun letting her get a bag of candy! ;-) 

Then it was off to Santa's Village. 
We used to go every year when Sophie Clare was little but we have skip a couple. It was fun to go back! 

Writing her letter to Santa. 
A Barbie House, Easy Bake Oven and clothes for baby. 

Talking with Mrs. Clause was super sweet. I do believe Sophie Clare would have crawled in her lap if she would have offered. 

We had a fabulous time and the weather was perfect. 

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