Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas School Days

Christmas is one of our favorites! Not only do we get to celebrate the most important birthday of all.......JESUS!! We also get to dress festive and have parties. 

A few pics before school. 

Christmas and Fall Lunches have been my favorite so far to make! 

Polar Express Day and Pajama's to school!
 Perfect day!! 

Plus mommy was at school helping with the Santa shop all week! 

Lot of fun and dressing festive! 

December the 18, was party day!! 
She did  not feel forward.........we went to the dr after school.  No fever, not contagious......just a sore throat and viral. 

She smiled and made the best of it even though she felt like poo. 

Sophie Clare and her sweet friend Brayden. 

Her little class and there is only 3 girls including SC. 

Sophie Clare and sweet, full of personality Kolby! ;-) 

We had a great 3 weeks of Christmas fun at school. 
A 1st grade Christmas is in the books! 

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