Monday, January 11, 2016

Feeling Good Enough For Lights

On Saturday December the 19, Sophie Clare laid around lifeless all day.  My heart broke for her once again. How could this just be viral and not contagious. 
She felt awful.......she napped...........she ate nothing. 
Praying that she would just feel a little better. 

Finally that night, she started feeling better and wanted to look at lights.
 So in our pj's we went. 
Our first stop, was the big tree in Gadsden. 

 Then it was off to River Country. 

I love love love this blue eyed beauty! 

We drove through twice and then got out for a pic. 

After that Sophie Clare saw that Golden Arch and wanted a burger! 
Considering she had not ate anything that day, I was happy she had got her appetite back. 

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