Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sophie Clare and Luke = Best Buddies

If there were friends in life that connected from day 1, it is Luke and Sophie Clare. We have many many play dates and lots of sweet memories. 
Before school started  back we carried the kiddos to the Imagination Place in Gadsden. The kids had such a fun time! 
They also had the Let It Snow thing going on and that is always fun. 

After they finished up in Let it Snow, we headed over to let their imaginations run wild. 

Will he be approved for a loan??

Then later in January, it was time to celebrate Luke's birthday. 

The boys from school and Sophie Clare.  

Best buddies! 

Last Monday on the 18, we were still celebrating Luke's birthday.
 We all went to Birmingham to the Lego store. 

Rode the carousel. 

Then to Red Robin for lunch! 

A super fun day and great memories made for these 2!! 

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