Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Toothless Wonder

January the 13, we headed to Trussville for a good cleaning of her cute little baby toofys.  

Those 2 top front teeth were super loose!  I warned her that we may need to get them out while we were there. One of her big girl teeth were already trying to push through. Since she has knocked that top tooth loose twice, it just keeps shifting to the side.  

She is always the best patient!! 

Fresh and clean!! 

Silly girl, we are going to get those teeth out today. We went out front till it was her turn. I told her everything they would do. She works better if no surprises. The only thing she did not love was that I could not go back with her. 

She did AWESOME!! 
I was so proud of her!! 

I knew she would be cute with NO teeth but I never dreamed she would be this cute and a adorable!! 

She had a gift card and wanted to get something.
 She chose a little Minecraft set. 

We headed home for a good rest before church!! 

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