Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Trip to the ER and Snow Day

  This girl loved her earrings from the beginning.  
We cleaned them just like we were suppose to and she never complained about them.  A couple of Fridays ago before school, I was fixxing her hair.  I noticed that her earring was sunk in just a bit. I cleaned it before she left and told her we would take them out when she got home.   
When she got in the car, it was 100 times worse.  It was oozing a ton in the back and sunk in even more. We went home and cleaned it up but there was no way I could get it out myself. . 

 Her very first trip to the ER and she was such a big girl as always.  They both ended up being infected and took them both out. From the looks of the earring, it was her hair that was causing the problem.

We are not sure if we will attempt to put the earrings back in when they are healed or not. I will let her make that decision. 

 While we were waiting, it started snowing and that made everything better. 

We went home and walked in the snow for a bit. 

Then we snuggled in. 
We even watched the movie HOME. It was super cute and loved by all. 

The next morning, we got up and it was freezing.  There really was not enough to play in but we got out and played a little. 

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