Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Sunday Drive

A couple of weeks ago, we hopped in the jeep and went for a drive. We carried Sophie Clare to the Red Mill first and climbed on the rocks a bit. The water was flowing and I usually don;t get nervous but I was just a little.  Although I joked what fun it would be to Kayak. haha 

It was super windy and very cool! 

Then we rode to the state park.  We saw tons of deer.  
It is amazing how tame they are. 

Then we took SC to the redneck beach. 
Tons of drift wood had washed up. 

It was very cool and windy. I told them that I was imagining myself at The Outer Banks. 

This is what Sophie Clare does when she is tired and ready for some love. 

We finished up with dinner at Santa Fe. I love the Texas Toothpicks. 

I ordered a was huge and not that great. 

It was a super fun afternoon. 

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