Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beach Bound

July 9th we headed out to the beach. We decided to try something new this year. Instead of going to Gulf Shores, we chose Destin.  Jamie and I had been to Destin but it had been a long time. I was looking forward to something new!  We are always very packed in our car. I kid that we need one of those things that go on the top to hold luggage or a trailer! 

Traffic was terrible on the way.
 We had to do a lot of talking and entertaining. 

On the way, I always find a Farmer's Market to get me some veggies for the week. It is important to stay on track as much as possible. 

Finally we arrived! We all were so excited!!
 Sophie Clare was ready to change the minute we got there.  We stayed at the Majestic and it was beautiful!! 

As soon as we go the car unloaded, we headed to the beach. 

My little beach beauty! 

The water was beautiful!! 

She had the best time splashing and playing! 

I love those sweet feet in the sand. 

That night we decided to order some pizza.  
We do live where you can get a pizza delivered so this was huge for Sophie Clare. ;-) 

After pizza we headed back down to the beach to play for a bit. 

Next up is Day 2 

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