Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sun Sand and Fun

Our first morning to wake up at the beach was wonderful!

 Sophie Clare ate breakfast, 

while I had my coffee. I think coffee taste better at beach, There is just something about watching the ocean and listening to the waves crash! 

Sophie Clare loves a good swim shirt! That is really all she she want to wear. I thought it was a great day for one and I would not have to worry about the sunscreen on her arms and shoulders. 

We were ready to hit the beach.

We usually don't stay at the beach all day.  Mainly because Sophie Clare is a pool girl and we are good with that. But the water was so clear and pretty that we rented chairs and stayed all day!! 
It was wonderful!! 

Can you tell my camera was adjusting to the heat?? 

Check out it out?? A real life crab! 
At first  Sophie Clare was not sure about it. 
I love her face!! 

Then she got a little better with him. She realized if you blew on it, he would crawl back into the shell. 

There were jelly fish in the water as well but they did not have tentacles so they did not sting. We got to touch one which was really neat.  It felt just like jelly. ha 

We played in the sand and water so much! We had the absolute best time ever!! 

I even did some yoga on the beach! 

We cooked and stayed in that night. It was nice not to have to get out and go some where. 

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