Friday, August 12, 2016

Go- Carts, Playing Games and a Whole Lot More

My sweet sleeping beauty!
 She fights going to sleep but once she goes, she is out like a light. 

One of the things that Sophie Clare wanted to do was go ride go-carts. 
We got ready and went that morning. 
 Hoping to beat the heat and the crowd. 

She rode the wood track this year and loved it. 

After those 2 things, it was way to hot for anything else so we played a few games. 

Then she won 500 tickets. How awesome is that?? 

We hurried back to hit the beach and pool. 

My little snorkeling fish finder! 
I love that she loved the ocean this year! 

Later we got ready to go eat at the Surf Hut for dinner. It was just a little ways down from where we were staying. 

We were sitting right outside with an amazing view! 

Sophie Clare waited patiently for her turn to play corn hole. 

We had some yummy crab dip.

And I had crab claws.........they are my fave!! 

Another fun day in the books. 

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