Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Last Day OF Beach Life

Our last full day has come to an end and we soaked up as much sun as possible. We played in the sand, jumped some waves,  played ball in the pool and just enjoyed being with each other. 

We also enjoyed a yummy, yet fatty breakfast at The Whale's Tail. It was just a very short walk from our condo. It was good and fun eating breakfast looking at the beach. 

Um she is looking at insta!! 

My little sun bathing beauty. 

After a full day of fun, we got ready and headed to dinner. 

This 2 are an absolute mess!! 

We  had big plans to go to some of the places recommended to us but none of that worked out. Traffic was horrible. It took us 30 mins to go 6 miles!!
 That is just crazy!!
 So we ended up at The Shrimp Basket. 
 It was not crowded, yummy and I got sweet notes!! 

After dinner we headed back for another photo shoot with Sophie Clare, which is on the next post. 

We had a wonderful vacation!! 
We loved Destin!! The beach and ocean was probably one of our favorites this year!   Our condo was beautiful and loved the firework show that we saw just about every night!! 

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