Friday, November 18, 2016

Halloween 2016

This post is 3 nights of Halloween fun!  We had a hard time deciding what to be this year but finally we came to a cute deer.  
We first tried it with a skirt and I was not crazy about that at all. 
It was just to much! 

This night was our church little fall fun. 
We dressed up for a trial run. 

Sophie Clare and Hensley

The kiddos had a blast! Ms. Angie did a great job entertaining the kids. 

Charlie and Sophie Clare

This was on Saturday, we were meeting up with Luke and Lila for a little fun. 

Sophie Clare wanted some pics in the woods. 

Look how cute they are! 

This is Sophie Clare signature stance. 

Then on Saturday, we went to my brother and sister n laws church. 
They had some of the cutest trunks. 

Sophie Clare was super excited to see her cousins and the feelings were mutual. ;-) 

I am thankful she has them! 

It was a fun filled week!! 

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