Wednesday, February 8, 2017

January Dayz Continued............

A Chance of snow and a cancelled school day is amazing and exciting! 
We started off at the mall playing and killing time while waiting on the snow. It started sleeting so we headed home. 
When we got home, the snow/sleet was coming and we were thrilled! 

It was cold so we headed inside to wait!! 

Night time came and we were still waiting. We made the most of it and watched a movie. 
We have seen every horse movie on netflix. 

When we woke up............NO SNOW! 
So we got ready and headed to town. 

I love when she carries her baby!! 

She is a good little shopper!
 I just love this! 

She is loving her golf cart although we have not had many great days to ride it. 
But when we do, it's all we do! 

We even drive them to Dollar General for all of our quick needs. 

3 little monkeys in a tree! 

On Sunday nights, we always come home. It is easier if we just pick something up and bring it home considering school is the next day.  She was out on a Monday so off we went to Burger King.  Who would have thought "having it your way" would be so fun! 

Trees and Trend was having a great sale so off we went. Sophie Clare made herself at home while I made some decisions. 

Well that is a wrap on January!! 

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