Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Dentist and Lego's

Dentist days are always fun days for us. 
 We take the entire day and just have fun!  

She loves going to the dentist and getting her teeth cleaned.  I always love to get a picture of her and this was the look I was getting. ;-) 

She has had a tooth dangling in the wind for about 8 months.  With just one tug, it was out!  No numbing up this girl...........she is awesome!! 
Cavity free this girl!! She is doing a great job brushing those teeth! 

Then is was off to the Galleria. They were having a Lego Exhibit and Sophie Clare was super excited about seeing it. 

They were all super amazing!! 

We loved walking all over the mall finding each and every one. 

We even stopped in the Lego store to get a few new Lego people. 

My little bat girl! 

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