Wednesday, February 7, 2018

School Supplies & Teacher Meet and Greet

Summer flew by and we loved our Summer days. They were filled with lots of swimming! 
Sophie Clare loves school and I love that she does.  I always try and make shopping for school supplies fun. 
I can not believe she is in 3rd grade. 

After we bought school supplies, we headed to the mall. She got on the beds and said that we needed these beds. The girl loves to sleep with her mama. 

I love that she still wants me to stand beside her when she rides the carousel.

My cousin Natalie has started her on business. 
Cotton Tops Designs
Be sure to check her out on FB.

She did the monogram and I bought the backpacks from her. 

Everything is ready to go!
So let's go meet her teacher.

She got a very sweet teacher. Mrs. Cunningham. 
She had her name and a sweet little treat for them. 

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