Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday Madness

Monday morning we got up and had to get busy!! I had VBS to work on and we had a lunch date! Have I mentioned that I LOVE lunch dates! We headed out a little early so that Sophie Clare could get a nap in before lunch! I so wanted her to be in a good mood! We met 2 of my dearest friends (Leslie and Jodi) at the new JEFFERSONS in Albertville! We all know that I love me some Jeffersons! It is so much fun to get together with old friends and talk about what we have been up to and the good ole days! Sophie Clare was good! I save her teething cookies for eating out! They make a mess but at least I get to eat!!! I can not wait to do it again soon!
After lunch we headed on over to see the girls at OSA! Dr Gross was there and I have not seen that group of girls in a while! They love Sophie Clare and she loves them .........who would not, we are all so entertaining!! Suzi with all of her hot pink stuff! Sophie Clare could not take her eyes off of her!

Well it is night 3 of VBS! It is going great. We had 9 in our class..how awesome is that?? We talk about Mary and Mary Magdalene going to find that Jesus was not in the tomb! We also talked about how Jesus wanted the Peter and the others to go and tell others about him! We discussed who we could tell about Jesus and what we would say to them! 4 and 5 year old are just so funny.....they get distracted so easily! We also worked on there bible verse and let me just say we said probably 100 times........Teach people what I have told you. Matthew 28: 20..............pretty simple ........every time they would repeat it they would say "Teach people how I told you" WHAT WHAT WHAT.........they still said how, then we went out front and Ms Carolyn asked about the bible verse and they acted as if they had never heard the words! All I can do is pray that they get something out of it! I love those children!

Amanda is having some major fun!
Emily and John Campbell

Only 2 more nights............
Have a great day!

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