Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Fun

I love the pool! I love to get a whole bunch a magazines and take them all in!! Last year when I worked, I only worked 3 days in the Summer so that I could enjoy the Summer sun! This year is so different!!!! I have baby skin to worry about! Sunday afternoon Emily was at Gran and Pop's house. Sophie Clare and I walked over the hill to meet them and they were on the 4 I left Sophie Clare with mom and jumped on the weee as Emily says. We went to the pool at Aunt Janine's and the pool was so inviting that we all had to go and get our bathing suits on! This was going to be Sophie Clare's 1st time at the pool! The water was so cold, I only dipped her feet in! I could not believe that Emily wanted to get all the way in! We had lots of fun. I can not wait for all 3 of the girls to swim together! They are going to have so much fun!!

1 2 3 4 ready set jump!
Loving me some sugar!!

1 comment:

Kelly Bergsing said...

That looks so very fun!! After all those kids and a bikini... wow am I jealous!! :) You all look so happy!!

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