Saturday, July 25, 2009

All In a Day

Today has really been low key. I can not believe that I am about to even type this. We have not been to the pool since the 4th of July. WHY??? I have know idea except that today when we went , I was up and down the whole time. I have always set Sophie Clare on a towel in the shade. She would sit and suck on her mesh feeder. NOT TODAY.......1st thing when we got there, she crawled off the towel. Angie and the girls came up and I really enjoyed them being there but I just feel so tired. I know you all are so TIRED of me groaning about not sleeping but I do ok for a few days and then it catches up with me. I will be better tomorrow.
Here are a few pics from the pool!
Gracie Ruth had on the cutest bathing suit.....I just love her, she has the sweetest personality. She just goes with the flow!!

This girl is hiding from Uncle Jamie. She gives him the hardest time. I am always having to get on to him for making a face at Emily or him touching her........She always wants me to put him in time out or spank him..hehe. Of course I do whatever she says.

Finally I convinced her that he was not looking. Emily's bathing suit is so cute but don't ask her where she got it. You will never guess what she will say. All I need to say is that it did not come from a yard sale....hehehehehe......She is a mess and I love her to pieces!! She so wanted to go see her Gran but we were there to swim......Sophie Clare got a little cranky and Emily thought she needed her Gran and Pop........I think it was her that needed her Gran and Pop. It is a goo thing they came for a quick visit at the pool.

Emily has a love for butterfly's and this one just happen to land on her finger. She was so excited!! She said she had a new pet and she was going to take it home her. She even named it Marsha. It flew away and she was a little sad.......she kept calling.....Marsha...Marsha........I told her that if I saw Marsha.....I would tell her where she lived so that she would come and see her. lol She has the best imagination!!

After the pool we came home and just relaxed. Well I say relax.....Sophie Clare will not let me walk out of the room unless I sneak.......and if she sees me she starts grunting. I am glad she wants me all the time but it makes it hard to get anything done. So lazy me, I did not care anything about getting Jamie has had this pain in his tummy......I finally talked him into going and riding the 4- wheeler. I just did not want to sit in the house. I was going to cook.......then we decided on some yummy Chinese. That about sums up our day.......It was a good day!
I just want to wish Jamie granny a very happy birthday!! We love you!

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