Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the World of Maggie Elizabeth

What's been going on in the world of Maggie Elizabeth?? Jamie needed a little staycation, so he took off Thursday and Friday. Thursday he worked all day on Sophie Clare's add on. It looks great so far. He has done a great job. His dad would be very proud. We are now ready for windows but considering someone stepped on one...........we have to get that fixed. If you could see me now I would be rolling my eyes and shaking my head. hehe We are showing Sophie Clare her new add on and she seems to love it!

Friday morning we got up and I made french toast. Oh how I love breakfast! As soon as my feet hit the floor, I am ready to eat. I got ready and headed to Boaz to get my nails did. They were in desperate need. Jamie had it easy while I was gone.....I got Sophie Clare to sleep before I left and she slept the whole time I was gone. The minute I walked in the door her little eyes opened. We all got ready and headed to Trussville. I wanted to go to Target and look for a rug for the living room. I was a little concerned about the car ride since Sophie Clare has not been riding all that well. I do not want a tv to be a baby-sitter.......but we hooked up the dvd player in the back and put her Faith Baby in and she was so good. When we got to Target, we hit that dollar section. I love to see what they have. I found some really cute zip-lock bags with polka dots on them! Great to put her pretzel rods in. I looked at rugs but could not make a decision. My living room not being huge, I have to be really careful and not make my room look smaller. I am going to look around town so that I can get it.......bring it home and look at it. We did find a car seat though. I loved it. It is just like the travel system that we have. We grabbed it up and headed to the register. We went to a couple of other places and got almost half way home and realized that it was the wrong pattern. We turned around and headed to Target for the 2nd time . They did not have the one we wanted so we ended up with nothing. :(
We thought we would let Sophie Clare try it out and see how she liked it. I believe she loves it.....look at that smile!!

She is a mess, she is standing up. The whole time we were in there, she was pulling up, turning around...........What am I going to do with her??

When we got back, I was in need of some Jefferson time. I know you are surprised. I called mom and dad to see if they cared to watch Sophie Clare ...they were glad to do it! I called Angie and she of course was ready to go. We always have such a great time.

Have a great weekend!! I 'll be by the pool, if you need me!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

She is just absolutely adorable. What an amazing little family you have!

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