Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Grand Day

Hey Ya'll! What a grand Saturday I had. We got up early Saturday morning and hit the sales. I will have to say that maybe we should have taken a week off. We hit a ton and found very little. When we got finished we headed over to my Chris and Angie's to get the girls. They were going to get to spend the day with Gran and Pop. Emily was ready with her backpack in hand. They dropped me off, I played with Sophie Clare and let her take a nap. I wanted her to be in a good mood when we went to play with her cousins. Considering Sophie Clare has not been riding all that well in her car seat and being such a beautiful day, we decided to walk.

When we got to gran and pop's the girls were already on the 4-liter (that's what Emily calls it) Emily was a little upset that I was there because she said they were coming to my house. I think she was afraid she was not going to get to go. But we all loaded up on the 4-liter and headed to my house.

While me and Emily searched for the kitten, Gracie got to try out Sophie Clare's swing. From the looks of it, she loved it! After no luck of finding the bad cat we headed inside. Emily always hits Sophie Clare's room and then the bathroom. My make-up is just all out in the open and Emily always wants to put some on. We did a make over and it turned out beautiful. I just hate that I did not get a picture.

Then we all loaded back up.......and off we went.
Do you think we might get 1 more on here???

When we got back to gran and pop's........we dropped gran and Gracie off. It was time for Gracie's nap. We rode around the block to see the horses and we went to the garden to get some corn and green tomatoes.

I went home for a little while to let Sophie Clare rest. When we got back, Emily was driving the jeep. She is such a good driver and boy oh boy , she can put the peddle to the meddle.

We walked out to my Uncle Alton and Aunt Rita's house. Nick, Ashley and Madison was home for a short visit. I hate that we missed Nick and Ashley but it was good to see Madison.

It was time for me to head home and cook some dinner. I was so ready for some yummy fried green tomatoes, corn on the cob and chicken on a stick.

Dinner was good and Sophie Clare enjoyed hers too.

I hope you all had a grand day!

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Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Maggie Elizabeth, that little baby just makes my heart smile! She takes me back to when my babies were little wonders!

Have a great week!


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