Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding Dress

Show us where you live continues over at Kelly's Korner. Only this week we are showing off wedding dresses.

WOW! This seems like a lifetime ago. September 6, 1997, almost 12 years ago. It is so funny to look back on these days because I did not wear make-up. hehe I don't know that I would say that I was plain jane....I had to have my lipstick, how funny! Anyways, I knew that I did not want anything with a long train, no frills, no pearls, and no sequins. Try finding that in 1997. It was hard........Needless to say I finally found it at Wedding Pageant and Proms in Boaz. When I saw it, it was in cream and hanging with the bridesmaid dresses. My friend Michelle worked there and said it was not a wedding dress........I did not care, I loved it and it was exactly what I wanted. I asked did it come in white and indeed it did!! The price of the dress was around $150.00.......That was a deal!!

Jamie will ask me why did you not fix the bow......I did not notice it till now. hehe

Here I am in the same dress almost 12 years later, holding my sweet baby girl. It still fit!!! I had so much fun trying on.....I just swirled around smiling and thinking!

Be sure to check out my sis-n-law.....Angie's Daily News.......this was her idea!! Thanks sis! Love you!!
I also wanted to share with you, Natalie dress. I loved her dress. It was so much fun going with her and my aunt to try it on. I took so many pictures that day. I know you are surprised. hehe It is amazing now how many dress are made like what I was looking for. Natalie was a beautiful bride.

I can not wait to check yours out!!


Tracy-Girl said...

both pretty dresses! You and I will have almost the same anniversary! Mine will be sept 5th of this year!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the dress......Enjoyed my visit to your blog...

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