Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a Fabulous Day

Hello all! I hope you fellow bloggers out there are having a great and fabulous day! I seem to have a good day everyday. I love life and I love my baby . She is such a blessing and I just can not say enough how thankful I am for her. She is the light of my life! She is growing up so fast. She can now b e a little G I Joe on the hard wood floors. She is crawling just a little......she makes about 2 to 3 crawls and then she sits up. I need to quit dilly dalling and get busy, she is going to be into everything before I know it! I had to work yesterday and I will have to say I really liked working on Monday. I was busy all weekend and did not have time to think about going....then you work and now I do not have to go back till next week. When I got off work we had to rush home and get ready to go to the funeral home. A very good friend of mine from high school lost her sister. Sophie Clare was not in her usual good mood. She did not want people touch her or even holding her. She got woke up from nap and plus I was away from her all day. There were a ton of people there, if we had not got there when we did, we would have had to wait in line forever.

Today we started our day pretty early, she did not sleep good at all. Oh well, it will get better one day. She took a really good nap this morning and I got a good bit done. I had a pile of laundry and dishes to put away. I also put a roast in the croc pot for dinner. I love croc pot dinners, it just frees up your whole day!! :) We went to A friend house , she had a ton of clothes for me to go through. I got a ton of great stuff for the next couple of Winters and Summers! I was so excited!!! Thanks Cassy, You are the best! When we got home we went outside, it was such a pretty day! We just played on the quilt and enjoyed each other! When my mom, aunt and grandmother got back from the dr, we headed up there for the remainder of the afternoon!

I will update you tomorrow on the constuction zone!!

She loves the grass, no matter where I put her she makes her way to it and gets her a hand full!

This is the last of the naked ladies.

5 naked ladies standing together......I just love them!

Sophie Clare loves bath time! I can just start running the water and she gets excited

She really loves when I start rinsing her off with the sprayer.

I think it must tickle a little, she closes her eyes and grins! It is so cute!

Now she has started opening her mouth, wanting to drink the water! What did I even do before I had her?? Check out those mosquito bites, they are getting ridiculous. I put Off her but they just love her sweet skin. They are always so big and red. I am not quite ready for Fall but I am ready for the mosquitoes to be gone!

I just has couple of pictures from the weekend I wanted to share with you! Every time I go to put on her headband, she usually does not mind.

Then again sometimes she wants to take her bow off and be a fitness baby! How funny does she look in her sweat band??

Got Milk?? She has always been such a messy eater from day one. She really enjoys her bottle!!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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