Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost and Found

What has been going on in the world of Maggie?? Tuesday night was one of the greatest nights of my life!! A few months ago when I went to the Girlfriend Gala, I lost my watch. I put it on before I left and when Vanessa and I were going down the road I realized it was not on my wrist. I thought to myself that it was in the house..........let me just tell you I searched the yard, the car, and the house. I could not find it anywhere. Jamie wanted to buy me a new one but I wanted that one! It is kind of special to me. So I have not wore a watch in forever!!!
Mom and Dad stopped by the house and we were all standing outside watching Jamie work on the house. I showed you a picture a while back of my HUGE rosemary bush. It was growing over on the walkway and needed to be trimmed up. So, my mom being a great gardener I asked her how I should do it. I lifted the rosemary limbs up off the walkway and there it was MY WATCH!!! I could not believe it! I screamed with excitement.....MY watch I found my watch!! It was a little dirty but cleaned up great without a scratch!!

The construction is going good but a little slow. When you DIY, it saves a ton of money but seems to take forever when the project is this big. Jamie works on it at night when he gets home from work and Saturdays. It sort of puts a hold on life! When I was sick, I would not let him work on it much because I needed the help. I have not said a lot if he does not work on it..........usually I am pushing to get things finished. I am saving that for when we have to knock the wall out! I am afraid I will not let is going to be a mess and I will be ready for it to be cleaned up! We now have 2 walls and as I type this he is working on wall #3. When that is finished it will be ready for the windows. Speaking of windows.......Why would anyone step on a window to reach something?? Well Jamie did and broke it!! I could not believe it , I just had to come inside!!

Sophie Clare is a pooping machine today!! We had 2 before 11:30.......Jamie gets the next one! hehe Her sweet little gums are itching so bad. She will bite whatever is in site! She has now made 6 little crawls, I wonder how long it will be till she realizes she can keep on going.
Have a great day!!

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Dirt Princess said...

YOu never know where things will turn up! My mom lost her pearl bracelet at a funeral. We searched the funeral home, the parking lot, the car,etc. She got home and it was in her panythose drawer! LOL!!

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