Monday, August 13, 2012

Back To School Bash

Happy Monday!
I know a lot of you are getting back into a routine with school starting back! I will understand that feeling next week! We are going to live it up this week. ;-)  We had a fabulous fun filled weekend.  Fun at church and celebrating my dad's birthday!

Let me share with you a few (yea right) pictures from our Back to School Bash at church. This is the first year we did this and Sophie Clare had tons of fun!

She bounced...............
She climbed..............

She was sliding and never let go of baby!

She ate ice from the snowcone machine.

She really enjoyed her watermelon!

When Bubba got there, she was very excited to have her side kick with her!

She had her face painted by Gann Gann. She was not to sure about it until Bubba had his painted.

By the time it was over, she had a crown on one side an A on the other. A ladybug on her hand and am A on her foot.

Playing hide and seek with Pop. This is her new favorite game!

We were pulling out and ran into Luke. We had to come back and ride the train with him! :-)

It was such a fun day and you could even smell just a touch of Fall!

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