Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 Of School.......Not So Hot!

Wednesday Sophie Clare was pretty pumped about going to school. She was excited to wear her new apple shirt that Gann Gann painted for her. She slept awful. We were up most of the night and she was very congested. When it was time to get ready, she was not all that fired up but remebered she was wearing her new t-shirt so that made it better.  I felt bad making her go because I knew she was tired and a cold was coming on. Since she was not going to  have to stay the full 4 hrs, well that made me feel better.

She does not look to thrilled in this pic!

When we got a little closer to her room, she wanted me to carry her. It did not go well at all. She cried and cried. They just had to take her from me and I had to leave. :-(  Made this mommy very sad!  I called twice to check on her and both times she was not crying. Although her crying was coming and going.  I ended up going back to get her around 10. This is so hard and it would be so easy to just take her out and let her start next year but we are going to keep trying I suppose!  I am hoping her cold is much much better by Tuesday! 

Yesterday she was telling me about the Bible story they had and that she laid on Mrs. Patricia.  She is also saying she is going me that is a sign that she is trying. She seems so little to have to be so tough. 
Say a little prayer that Tuesday is a better day for her!

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