Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beach.....Day 2

Ahhh, Our first full day at the beach was fabulous! Sophie Clare caught on really quick on how to be a beach bum! She enjoyed the pool more than she did the sand. That was ok with me. As long as I hear the waves crashing, I am good!  Considering "baby" that she carries everywhere is not water proof, it is a good thing that I had a water baby!  Even though, you could tell it was not the same! ;-)

We went up for lunch and had to bring baby back down with us.
She is such a good little mommy!

After we played for a bit, we decided to cook again!  Why am I cooking at the beach?? Well Sophie Clare eats so much better when I cook and plus it can get $$$ if you eat dinner out every  night. ;-)  

Our first stop was to ride Go-Carts.
Sophie Clare was super excited about riding with her daddy!

She loved going fast!

Then is was off to ride the choo choo train.

Next was the carousel.

It was hot so we decided to go inside and play a few games. Sophie Clare's favorite was playing on the motorcycle.

This is one of my faves. Feeding 100's of fish.
I just love how they flop on top of each other to get the food.

We decided that some yogurt would be a fabulous idea! ;-)

We went to LuLu's for a bit but Sophie Clare was tired. She wanted to walk down by the water so of course we did.

Then it was back to the condo for some relaxing on the balcony and night time walk on the beach!

Next up is day 3!

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