Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Been Going On??

Fall is in the air and what does that mean for the entire world??  FOOTBALL!!  Now don't get me wrong, I love football but I also love the cool air, the leaves falling, the trees changing color, pumpkins, Fall fashion,  the time change, Halloween, Pumpkin Patches and much more! ;-) 

September the 1 was the kick off day for football. Sophie Clare and I went to Old Navy to get her a t-shirt to wear around the house.  We have not hung out with our friends Cassy and Dustin in AGES!!  We have not been to the house in about 1yr.  We decided to kick off  the season together. We cooked ribs, mac and cheese, corn, bake was yummy! 
We had a great time catching up and the kids had fun to!
Jaylin is now in the first grade and such a beauty!
 Easton is 3 and a doll!
Thanks for having us over!

I made a yummy new recipe that was so delish and I can't wait to share the recipe.

We celebrated 15 yrs of wedded bliss! ;-)

This past Saturday for the game it was just me and Sophie Clare. Jamie had to work but that did not stop us from a "football" Saturday. We went to a consignment sale that morning and found some goodies. We made Chili Cheese dip for lunch and we made ribs "again" with roasted red potato's, and baked beans.  We watched the AU game ;-( and the Alabama game ;-) We had a great day at home.

Sophie Clare was in the mood for  me to take her pic!

She was learning about the letter M  so we did a few crafts to help with that. She is getting really good at writing her M's.

Yesterday since it was grandparents day, we went to lunch with my parents.  Then we let Jamie take a nap and we went to my parents for the afternoon.
My big cheese! ;-)

Today, I decided we would go to the Falls. Sophie Clare wanted to pose for a pic.
 Check her out........she is such a mess!

When we got there, we had a surprise! We saw Andrea's car and they were at the park playing. We rode the train over to hang with them a bit.

Then it was back onto the train to go see the animals.


I hope you all  have a fabulous week.

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