Thursday, January 31, 2013

Playing Dress Up and Lots of Girl Time

Burrr! It is a cold afternoon compared to yesterday. Our weather is so up and down these days. You never know if it is going rain, be cold, snow, tornados, or ice.  I am good with cold and would not care if it even snowed again. Sophie Clare had so much fun, I would love for her to really be able to play a lot. 

Sophie Clare has had another good week at school! PTL!

I have been on Pinterest and shopping in my closet. It is sooo much fun putting new outfits together and never spending money. I will share those with you when I wear them.  ;-) 

As for the title of my post...........
We have been spending time with 2 fabulous little girls, EMILY and GRACIE! ! Sophie Clare LOVES them sooo much and has had a blast with them!  They have played dress up, doctor, store, school, babies, tea party, colored and  much more!  

Sophie Clare has her own fashion thoughts. 
You never know what she will put together.  

Sophie Clare has been wearing my cowboy boots. I actually have never even wore them. I bought them at a thrift store for Bible school one year for decorating purposes. Jamie cleaned them for me, thinking I might wear them...........UH they killed my feet. Needless to say, Sophie Clare gets way more wear out of them than me! haha 
 I think she looks super cute! 

Sophie Clare is all about Jake and The Neverland Pirates. She wanted me to make her a pirate hat. I bought some felt from Wal-Mart and ended up cutting it to small for her head. 
Did she care?? 
NO, she just wanted me to make it work.
 So I did the best I could. 
She wore it all day yesterday and was so proud of it. 

I love these girls! They are all dressed up coloring and Sophie Clare is busy on the phone! 

Tea Party time with nerds and pretzels! 

We have a busy next couple of days but I am going to try and schedule a post for tomorrow. 
I made a yummy new recipe and can't wait to share with you! 

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