Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Cars to Mermaids

We have had a little sickness going on the past few days. I was not concerned at first but then Sunday it  was a little worse. We ended up at the dr yesterday and guess what IT WAS VIRAL! I love when they tell me that. I love that there are not any meds to helps with it. NOT!  Sophie Clare's tummy hurts and can hardly eat anything.  She is on a bland diet and is not suppose to have a lot of sugar. She is perky and playing as long as her tummy does not hurt. We are hoping that we are close to the end of this. I am glad she feels ok but I hate that she can not eat.  

A few pics to share with you about our sweet Sophie Clare. Not many people get to see the "REAL" Sophie Clare. The one that is full of energy, talks non stop and you never know what she is going to say.  She is super silly and very creative. She keeps us on our toes and laughing. We were busy getting ready for the funeral home the other night and I was trying on clothes. Sophie Clare was ready but felt she needed to try on some clothes. Here piggy piggy...........She had her daddy's boxers on. Oh she is a mess. 
Sophie Clare has a wild imagination and loves to pretend. This particular night, she was pretending to my maw maw. lol Her frog chair is and ottoman is maw maw's recliner. My maw maw also uses a neck bone  and that is where the doggy pillow comes in.lol  For the family, this should be really cute! ;-) 

Sophie Clare loves to play. No matter what time of the day or how much she has played, she will still ask if you want to play. 
She will play anything from boy stuff to girly stuff. 
Last night, we made her a road with painters tape and she had sooo much fun with it. 

She makes my heart smile!
 I love her sooo much! 

After we finished playing with cars, we moved to the girly stuff.  We found her some cute mermaids the other day and she has had so much fun with them. We have named them all.
 Violet, Wisteria, Aqua and Pickolious

Believe it or not, we play hide and seek when she is in the bath tub. She has so much fun with it. She counts and I hide at different places around the tub. She laughs so hard. 

Today, we did not go to school because of our tummy trouble. So, we cleaned the house. I mopped the living room and dining room. Sophie Clare is such a big helper, she mopped the kitchen. :-) 

See ya tomorrow! 

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