Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Random Pics From Our Weekend

Happy Tuesday! Sophie Clare is at school and I thought I would post our weekend pics. This all started on Thursday...... We decided to celebrate Dr. Seuss' s birthday at home. It was fun making the hat and the bow tie. We should have made a snack to go with it. Pinterest had tons of ideas. 

Thursday night, we went to Gadsden to a consignment sale that I always go to. I got lots of cute things, including this fabulous tool bench for Sophie Clare.

She even dressed her daddy up. hahah

Friday we went to COTTONTAILS and it was fabulous! 
We had lots of fun! 

Saturday morning, we decided to go on and get our grocery shopping done. I am so glad we did because I had totally forgot about the Steam Engine coming to Attalla.  We ran right up on it and were able to get out and see it up close and personal.  It was so fun and very cold. 

We will definitely make plans to go next year. 

We also celebrated sweet Farrah Jaye's 5th birthday.
 I can not believe she is 5.
 She is such a precious little girl and so pretty! 

It also snowed a little Saturday but not enough to play in. Although it was pretty to watch. 

I had lots of cleaning to yesterday. Sophie Clare has always been good at picking up until this past week. I felt I was running in circles keeping things picked up. We are picked up and if we get it out, we put it up. You have to or your house will be a mess. While I cleaned, Sophie Clare wanted to go to the beach. She put on her bathing suit along with her baby. She even packed her rolling suitcase. She talks about going to the beach all the time. She will ask........
Where is my beach?? 
What are we going to do there?? 
When are we going?? 
I can't wait to take her back! 

Jamie is gone every Monday night but that doesn't stop me for cooking us something good to eat. Jamie does not really care for turnip greens or black eyed peas. Sophie Clare loves them both and bbq chicken is her fave, so that is what we have been eating on Monday nights. 

And this is my sweet girl before school this morning. 

She looks a little sleepy. 

Have a great week. 

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