Thursday, May 30, 2013

Half Way To 5

I can not believe that Sophie Clare is now HALF WAY TO 5.
 How is this even possible?  
Time with her is just flying by. 
AGE 4 is giving me a run for my money. haha  There are days that she is so sassy, demanding, stubborn and will not do what I say. Those days are full of teaching and training. Lots of crying on both our parts. ;-)  Thankfully we are getting through them and they are few of them. 

She still has her imaginary friends. Sister and Mack. She said that Joke passed away and went to heaven. She also said that Sister was still in school.  She tells me things that relate to her through her " friends". I think she is missing school just a bit. 

She is a great little eater for the most part. She will take real food over candy or junk anytime.  Although breakfast is a challenge.  She either wants goldfish or chips. I am trying to make her eat something healthy before but it is hard. 

She weighs 39 pounds and around 41 inches tall. 

She talks all the time and now let us talk about sleeping. 
She is waking up in the hour of 6. I can do 7:15 to 8:00 all day long.  I have decided to take advangtage of her waking up early. We are going to a local track and walking.  We carry her bike and side walk chalk for her something to do. 

Tv...........well some days I just wish she would sit and watch a 2 hr movie. haha But for the most part she only watches it in the morning while she eats breakfast or during the day while she eats lunch or lays down to rest. Now those are only 10 mins time frames. 

Her favorite thing to wear is t-shirts and that is A OK at home. ;-) 

She is smart, kind, beautiful, sassy, funny and I love everything about her. 

That is just a little bit about her. 
She is so much more! 

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Sarah Robbins said...

Count your blessings- I'd kill for Debby to wake up in the 6 o'clock hour! She's normally up by 5. Ugh.

I'm glad she adjusted enough to school so that she is missing it. Hopefully that will be good for the fall.

She is so sweet. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

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