Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

It is Thursday and I am finally getting around to blogging about Mother's day!  
My mother's day celebration started last Thursday with a Mother' Day Tea at Sophie Clare's school. I was a little nervous about how Sophie Clare would act because she is sooo shy at school. 

We talked about not crying and that we were going to eat our snack and have tons of fun! 
She was still pretty sleepy this morning! 

When she saw me, she just smiled and gave me her gifts. It was a pink impatient and a book all about her. It was the sweetest! ;-) 

She ate at school for the very first time and I was soo excited! She did not cry or anything! 

April was going to take our pic and Sophie Clare would not look but oh well! At least she was having a good time. 

This is our pic that we took with my phone.....I think we were a little to close. 

Sophie Clare and her buddy Luke. 
Just look at that sweet smile! 

Sophie Clare sticks to Luke pretty close and that is Piper. 
She is so cute and little. 

That is Gracie

And this is the very first time that Ms. Lori and Ms. Patrica have heard Sophie Clare really talk. The only thing she has said as school this mama, I have to potty and that she needed a paint brush. We were all beyond excited and even stayed late because she was talking so much!  

This is when we got home , I thought she looked so cute! 

Sophie Clare had woke up many times telling me Happy Mother's day and that she loved me! So sweet and special.  We have celebrated a lot. We were at Hobby Lobby and bought a stepping stone to do together. It was was lots of fun. 

This was Sunday. She and Jamie bought me some new running short and top. I then later bought some new tennis shoes to go with it. 

This was probably one of the best gifts. They had been practicing bells at church and I was just not sure that Sophie Clare was even going to do it. Much to my surprise, she did and was a good job . 

Here she is waving at me. ;-) 

That afternoon, we ate at my grandmothers and then came home to relax. 

We made a fire and roasted some wienies. 

My parents came up to hang out with a while. 

It was a great mother's day and I will always remember it! 

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