Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Busy Saturday

Saturday was our first Saturday since school has been out that we have not had something to do. No birthday parties, no VBS,  no nothing. I was sooo glad!  

We woke up and just played around,  we watered the plants..............

And then Sophie Clare hung out with her daddy for just a bit and look what happen!! 
She was very pleased with this!!  Yes she is cute but this is not what this mommy likes!
 I am a girly girl!  ;-) 

Then it was POOL TIME with family! 
 We played and had the best time!! 

Jenny, Angie and me! 
They look so cute in hats and I just can't do it.
 That is why I have the pool hair look. ;-) 

Later that afternoon, some ladies from the church were going out to eat. 
We decided last min to go! It was yummy and a good time!

Braden and Sophie Clare loved watching them cook! 
Sophie Clare asked me 1000 questions! 

She ate tons and tons of rice! 

She even ate with 2 forks! haha

Braden and Sophie Clare being silly! 

Sophie Clare just loves him to pieces!  We stopped at a red light and turned around. This is what was going on, Sophie Clare rubbing Braden head! 

It was a fun Saturday!! 

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