Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sun Bathing, Needles &Animals

Last week ended up being kind of a slow week! Thank Goodness! I feel like Summer is half over (which it is) and we have not done anything but GO GO GO! 
Summer is one of my favorite seasons! 

We were able to enjoy a day or 2 at the pool last week! Sophie Clare is doing great! Here is a instagram photo that I just think is too cute! 

Sophie Clare had got a splinter in her foot about a week and a half ago. It was very deep and I wanted to let it work its way out. Just the other day, she came in with the tweezers and told me to get a needle.It was ready. It all did not come out that day but a day or 2 later, it was gone!  

On Friday, we went to the library for the animal show. Let me just say, last years was much better! To much  talking and not enough of the animals.  The monkeys were my fave!! 

After the library, we went to the COURTYARD for a yummy lunch!  April, Luke and Lila were able to  join us! 

Look at the silly face.........She is going to look back and say, MOM WHAT WAS I DOING?? 

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Sarah Robbins said...

Looks like a fun summer so far! Hey, we're going to Atlanta the second week of July to go to IKEA. Ya'll should come meet us for lunch or shopping or both!

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