Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emily Turns 8

Saturday, we celebrated Emily's 8th birthday!! 
How is it even possible for her to be 8. She is such a fun, beautiful, loving and full of life girl! 
I am so blessed to call her my niece!

You see that little one in the glasses and crown?? 
She is a doll! 

All of the kiddos seem like they had a blast! 

Trying to get Emily just to look at me and smile was a lot like trying to get Sophie Clare to look at me and smile! haha

Sweet Gracie will just smile anytime you ask her to! 

Happy Birthday to you! 

Make a wish!! 

Farrah LOVED the CAKE!! 

Emily received  lots of great gifts! 

I do believe the razor was her favorite! 
That was from her mommy and daddy! 

It was a fabulous birthday party and a fun time was had by all!! 

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