Monday, July 29, 2013

Pool Time With Daddy

Sophie Clare is just a little fish this year! 
She has always love the water but seems like this year, it is all she wants to do. I am so proud of her for learning to swim under and on top of the water. She is jumping off the diving board and just doing a great job!!  
Sophie Clare also is missing her daddy time. Between work and school there is just not a lot of free time. I do not think his teacher realizes that he has a full time job or a family. They pile on the work!!  I keep telling myself it is only till March and it will be well worth it!! What am I saying, I don't have to do it. haha I just know he is tired but he is doing great and all A's so far!! 

Friday he took off but ended up working from home half the day. When he finally finished that, we hit the pool. Sophie Clare loved it and had him doing all kinds of tricks. 

I think she stays under the water more than on top. 

Just hanging out and catching some rays! 

Would have been a great pic if I had not cut her head off. haha 

It was lots and lots of fun! 


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