Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spur Of The Moment Sometimes Are The Best

Monday  was a great day except for a couple of mishaps!
  My friend Andrea text and ask us what we were up to?? We were not doing anything at all except hanging around the house. She and her kiddos were at the falls so spur of the moment, we decided to join them. I am so glad we did. We have not got to see them much at all this Summer! It was such a nice day out. There was a nice breeze blowing and it was not all that humid. 

When we first got there, I of course wanted to take a pic of Sophie Clare. 
Mr. Sun was sooo bright!! 
Right after I took this picture, we were walking along and BAM!!! Sophie Clare fell and scrapped both knees. She was brave and continued on!! 

She ran, played and just had the best time. 

We really have not ever walked through the falls much until lately. It has only been at Christmas when we walk through and look in all the houses. Sophie Clare relates it all to SANTA. It is Santa's stuff and his house.  I just love how huge her imagination is!! 

After a little Falls fun, we headed to the park to let the kiddos play a while. 

I love this picture!! 

Wonder where these 2 will be going when they are 16??   :-0 

This is the view I had while Sophie Clare was making a new friend!! She is really starting to open up a little more and not being as shy. I am really proud of her for stepping out of her comfy zone! 

The little girl in the dress, her name was Callie. 
 She was such a sweet girl! 
The kids are getting cooled off with the mister. 

This was so funny and you just had to be there. Sophie Clare wanted to hold Matia Grace's hand.  MG wanted to hold it one way, SC was saying no, it's this way finally.................................

Sophie Clare just gave up. 

Thankfully there is a Jack's right there at the park so it was off to lunch we go. Sophie Clare still does not eat breakfast very well so I know she was starving. 
In this picture, I think Sophie Clare really looks like me when I was little. There are not many times that I think that but this one it really shows! 

Sophie Clare and Max! 

The 3 amigos! 

Well remember earlier in the post where Sophie Clare tripped, fell and ended up with scraped up knees?? 
Well it happened again. 
Poor baby girl!! 

After lunch and another bleeding knee, we rode the train again. 

We had a great time catching up and playing !! 

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