Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Are Off To See The Wizard!!

Saturday was such an excited day for us!! 

I am sure you all have watched the Wizard of Oz..........Well one night a good while back, it came on TV and Sophie Clare really liked. So of course I DVR'D it. We watched , watched and watched it some more! She fell in love with the GREEN WITCH!! I know, most kids are scared of her but not SC. She loves for me to pretend to be the green witch and act out the part where she melts.  haha 
The local theatre, THE WHOLE BACKSTAGE in Guntersville was preforming The Wizard of  Oz. I just had to take her!!  At first when we were talking about it, she was asking if it would be loud?? She is not crazy about loud noises these days. I assured her that it might have loud parts but she could cover her ears. 

Here we are right before we left. 

I did not get my good camera out but I did try and snap a few with my phone! 

The play was absolutely AAAAA - MAZING!! We  had the best time and Sophie Clare loved it! There were parts that it was really loud but she just covered her ears. It was about 3 hrs and she was awesome! She never once said she was ready to go till the very last scene!  The flying monkeys came running down the isles and screaming. I was sitting on the edge and I pulled SC over pretty quick. I know they were not going to get us but it was just reflex! haha  Sophie Clare was all smiles when the green witch melted. I loved watching it with her. 
After the show, all of the characters were all out in the lobby for picture time. It had to be quick and you got what you could. 

Here are the few we took. 

Glenda the Good Witch
Sophie Clare turned are head to people watch as soon as Jamie took it. 


Love this one!! 
It is my favorite!! 
Sophie Clare is looking and smiling!! 

The scarecrow was super sweet and was right in character when we were talking to him. Of course I am talking. 
(that is why my mouth is open and looking all weird) 

Check out The Whole Backstage in Guntersville on FB and you can see a few more pics!! 

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